Privacy Policy


Tasaya, referred to as 'We' hereafter on this page, believes in keeping your privacy intact and undisturbed. Our purpose in creating this page is to inform you about your data which we collected, processed, retained, and shared. We also disclose the measures that we adopt to make sure that your information will be in the safest hands. Besides that, we also attempt to inform you of your rights which you can exercise in case of a privacy breach. We will also disclose details like why we are sharing the data, if in case, and with whom. We can assure you to take enough measures which are needed to protect your data with us. If you have any kind of questions or queries regarding your personal information or data, you may contact us. We assure you to provide everything which our policies allow us.

This page contains all the relevant and necessary privacy policies of our website. It is suggested to read this page before you take any kind of action and/or avail of any of our services or buy products that are promoted by this website.


You may come across the following definitions in this privacy note. Please take a reference of these definitions wherever you feel necessary or find these words.


Cookies are data files that are installed automatically to your device from which you are accessing our website or mobile application. This file is installed so that the next time when you visit our website, it will load quickly. This is because cookies help the website to remember you and your activity history for a couple of days.


Hereafter wherever the word 'Data' comes the meaning will be inclusive of personal (including sensitive personal information) and non-personal information. Such information may be in direct or indirect context or other information will be used to establish your identity whenever you visit an online website or Application.

includes non-personal information, personal information, and sensitive personal information about you, which either directly or indirectly in combination with other information, could allow you to be identified when you visit our stores, website, and/or mobile application.

Data Protection Law

It includes all laws, regulations, and gazettes, which apply to us and are in force, regarding data collection, processing, saving, sharing, or in any other manner.


This term includes all those individuals, business entities, firms, or companies with whom we have an association for the sole purpose of businesses.


A human being or a person naturally visits online websites or stores.


We collect data for the given reasons as mentioned in this privacy policy. We collect, sans any limitation, the following given data and information about you.

Contact Information -

Your first name, middle name, last name, mailing address, contact number, email address, state, country, and such other information as and when needed.

Financial Information -

We shall also collect information about the payment instrument you use, your preferences, transactions, payment history, transactions history, method, mode of payment, spending history and patterns, and such other information as and when needed.

Technical Information -

Websites you explore, your IP (Internet Protocol) address, Usage of App, online visits to the website, a device used, and any other such information. We collect technical information through installing cookies, pixels, and by such other technical means.

Transaction Information -

Time, date, and amount of the transaction, transaction history, preferences, bulk quantity details, and such other information as and when needed.

Product And Service Information -

We will collect information like subscription number, payment details, order. number, registration details, and such other information as and when needed. This information is collected only in case when you order products and/or avail services from us directly.

Personal Information -

We shall often conduct surveys, and questionnaires, in response to which we may collect your personal information like Age, Address, Gender, Locality, Country, Nationality, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Spouse Name, Mother Name, Father Name, Number of Children, Religion, Occupation, Profession, Identification number of the documents provided by the government,

Loyalty Programme Information -

We have certain loyalty programs under which we can collect information about your loyalty membership, its registration number, user Id, password, account details, and such other information as and when needed.

In addition to the above-mentioned particulars, we shall also collect your feedback, reviews, ratings, and opinions about our product and/or services, and programs.


We can collect data from you in different ways as explained below -

Information Given By You

We shall collect, store, share, and retain information shared by you on our website and/or application, or stores, or any information given by you in any way.

Automatic Information Collect By Us

We collect information through sending cookies, pixels, and other technical sources to acquire information from you. Time and again when you visit our website, we technically collect information.

Information Collected Through Emails

We send you promotional and marketing emails, newsletters, and other official communications via email. To make emails personalized, relevant, and interesting, we collect information from you. Below every email, there is a link to 'Unsubscribe' which you can use to opt-out of the emails.

Information We Collect From Third-Party Websites

When you visit other websites which work in association with us or are allowed by us to make use of our technology or are in agreement with us, we collect and share your information. Such information is regulated by the privacy policy of our website as well as by the third-party website.

If at any point in time, you feel like revoking your permission, you are free to edit, delete, or give access to your data available on our website and application. Whenever you visit our website or download an application, you will be asked to allow permission, at that time you may choose to 'Accept' or 'Decline'.


Tasaya shall collect data from you in various manners. Whenever any user visits our website, stores, or installs mobile applications, we shall collect data from you. For better clarification on this, let us quote a few instances here which include data collected upon user registration, initiating a transaction on our website, application, or stores; completing surveys conducted by us, completing surveys conducted for us, and/or by any other means.


To improve our website performance, content, and service, we collect some information, like your IP address, automatically upon your visit to our website and/or application.

The information we collect through our web servers and affiliates. They give us detailed data and analytics and collect information like the OS of your device, IP address, details of the device you use, language settings, and web browser details. We need to collect such details to analyze the performance of our site and get statistics like the average time a user spent on the website, several pages viewed, several visits a user pays, and/or such other information.


We may use the data so collected from you to give information about TASAYA and to make improvements on the website and/or the application.

We shall make use of information obtained about you in the following manner.<

To carry out our commitments or obligations as a consequence of any contract between you and us.

For letting you know our latest product and/or services.

For executing your order product and/or services.

Providing, Processing, Sharing, and Transmitting the collected information about you to our sister entities or group companies or other companies with which we work in association.

To offer you discounts and sale offers, personalized products and/or services, and recommended products and/or services.

Use the collected information to improve, analyze, and operate our website, and application.

Create consolidated data in any form, graphical or picturesque, or anything, to understand the pattern and trend of the customers. This helps us to learn more about your search pattern and preferences.

For providing loyalty benefits and other privileges based on promotional campaigns organized by us or any of our associated entities.

To ensure that our terms of use of our website are right in force and are abided by all.

To ensure that you are protected against any kind of financial loss, fraud, mental or physical harm, security risks, etc.

For any other purpose, which is specifically mentioned when you installed the application or visited our website and accepted the terms and conditions.

If it is required by the law or where there is a legal obligation to disclose your personal information.

There are also chances for overlapping of more than one ground with others and so we could have multiple grounds to share your data and information retained by us.


We do not offer any product and/or services to Minors. People under 18 are allowed to visit our website or mobile application only when they are permitted to or accompany their parents/guardians.


We shall share your data with the following entities.


When you buy products and/or avail services from our website or mobile application which are hosted by our partners or associates, information of customers relating to the particular transaction will be disclosed and shared with the partner or associate.

However, we shall ensure that our partners and associates will always follow rules as per this privacy policy and as per the laws applicable. In addition, partners and associates must value the privacy and security of our customers which we shall assure.

Service Providers

We may share your data and information with service providers.

This shall include customer service, search results and links, credibility analysis, system protection, payment processing, and user analysis, etc.

However, we shall ensure that service providers will always follow rules as per this privacy policy and as per the laws applicable. In addition, partners and associates must value the privacy and security of our customers which we shall assure. Also, service providers will have limited access to data or be limited to the requirement.

Legal Entities

We have to share your data and information (personal or not so personal) when it is required by any enforceable law, to abide by the privacy and terms of our website and/or mobile application. Whenever it is found necessary to disclose information for investigation of fraud, to protect the interest of an individual, exchange of information with other entities to detect fraud and/or for risk management. However, it can be assured from us that no piece of information will be sold out or used for commercial reasons.

Business Transfers

In the case of business expansion or buying, selling, merging of companies, we might transfer your data and information as the part and parcel of such business transfers or mergers.

Third Parties

Data and information collected from you may be transferred to third parties in the following cases -

When you allow, request, or authorize us for sharing your data with a third party.

When the compliance of law compels us to do so.

For the sake of our website security to parties, we hire for maintenance.

Whatever be the data and information we provide to the third parties, we make sure that the security and confidentiality of data will be kept by our privacy policy as we do.


We take all the necessary measures to keep your data intact. We undertake all the essential steps, technical and organizational measures, to ensure that your data will not go in the wrong hands. Also, we would like to inform you that if you notice any kind of security breach or detect an instance of data loss, kindly contact us ASAP via Email.


We keep your data with us for a particular period of time. Besides that, we also retain data in the following cases -

As long as it is required to give access to our website.

As long as retention of data is mandatory by any applicable law.

When retain of data needs to resolve any dispute or conflict of interest.

For audit, tax, or legitimate purposes.

The period of data retention may vary according to the situation and demand of time. We also retain the backup copy of data.


All the data and information collected by us about you, will not be shared to any other party without your knowledge or consent. In which cases we share your data, as mentioned above in this privacy policy.

We shall operate in different countries. The following rights may vary or change according to the laws and regulations of the country from which our website and/or application is accessed.

You may wish to withdraw your consent from the use of your data for any of the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy except for the legal compliance.

You may withdraw your consent for use of cookies pixels and other such technologies.

We might use your data for marketing and promotion of our business and brand. You may exercise your right to edit, restrict, and raise objections to the processing of your data and information.

At any point of time, if you feel like deleting, editing, revoking access, or anonymization of data submitted to us.

You may revoke permission to share or transmit data to other associates or third parties.

Revoke any type of consent, approval, or permission given to us.

Under the 'Contact Us' section on our website or in our application, you may request us to make any changes in data provided to us by you. There will be no charges for any request.

In exercise of above rights, if legally we can refuse to accept your request, and if it is needed in our favor, we may do so. We will give you reason for accepting or not accepting your request.

The other rights you have are the following -

Right to know about the methods we use to process your data.

Right to request for the information or data we have about you.

Right to request us for deleting, editing, or updating your data.

Right to correct any wrong data of yours.

Right to make any complaints.

Please note that, whatever data we have about you, must be accurate and latest. If there will be any change in your personal information, kindly update it with us via email to our grievance officer.


We retain and collect all the data and information on our servers. Our servers are safe, secure, and are accessed by only a limited number of people.


We make sure that whatever data and information we collect and retain about you must be processed as per the provisions of this privacy notice and the laws applicable.


If at any time, any court or equivalent authority finds any of the provision, rule or regulation or part of it unreasonable, invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed to be deleted and will not be applicable. The other provisions will not be affected.