About Us

Tasaya is a digital and easily accessible platform, available from both website and app, where you can order all your mouth-watering food and grocery stuff in minutes. We work in alliance with the leading brands in India and strive to serve only the best to our loving and loyal users. All you need to do is register, log in, search, and order. And the best part is our services are FREE!

How does tasaya work?

We operate on the two most frequently used platforms. One is a website and another is a mobile application. First of all, someone who visits us for the first time has to register. Registering with us is a hassle-free process. When a user orders through our app/website, we forward it to the receiving end. And this all is done through an automated computerized process. So everything is done so swiftly. Once the order is placed, it will reach your doorsteps in the blink of your eyes. We aim at offering trouble-free services to our dear users.

Is it possible to use tasaya on the phone?

Absolutely yes! Tasaya can be accessible from both mobile phone and tablet devices. We are a network of huge restaurants and grocery stores which connect on the go. So, you can order your favorite food/groceries anytime anywhere without any need to wait for hours.

How much does Tasaya charge for providing its services?

Tasaya is FREE. You don't have to pay any charges, neither upon registration nor upon an order. It is a free-of-charge service. However, in a few instances, you might have to pay home delivery charges which are levied directly from the delivery services.

Are Debit/Credit card services available?

Yes, we support and promote online digital payment. Currently, we have the following online methods all over India through which you can pay us.

Google Pay




Visa Card

Debit Card

Credit Card

Besides that, we also facilitate cash on delivery options.

What Are The Special Offers You Have?

You may check out the latest offers and discounts by visiting our website or downloading our mobile application.

How do I place an order on Tasaya?

It's simple! Open Tasaya App, log in with your credentials, select what you wish to order, add it to the wishlist, and hit the 'Order' button. You may also order from our website.

Due to filling incorrect password/username, my account is blocked. What to do now?

To safeguard your account and prevent intruders, we have a system of blocking an account when more than 3 times an incorrect password is entered. In this case, your account will be blocked temporarily. To revive your account, our system will automatically send an email for verification of your account and also to reset your password.

How long does it take to deliver my order?

Ideally, it takes the usual time to reach your order to your doorsteps. However, delays are expected due to traffic congestion. Also, restaurants specify their estimated delivery time every time they place the order under the info section. Please note that different restaurants take different delivery times as it is also dependent on the distance.

I placed an order, Now how can I check whether my order is placed successfully or not?

When you log in to our app, you may see the 'My Orders' tab. Click here and check if your recent order is listed there or not. If it is not listed under the 'My Orders' section, this means that the order is not placed and you have to place the order again. And if it is listed there, click on to know the status - Successful.